Sulphides and Sulphosalts

Sulphides and Sulphosalts are minerals composed of metals combined with the sulphur element. This class includes about 350 species.

Sulphides form when sulphur binds to metals; this group includes antimonides, arsenides and telluria.
Sulphosalts are minerals composed of sulphur associated with one or more semi-metals (antimony, arsenic, bismuth), and bound to metals (silver, copper, lead, iron). Silver and iron sulphides (argentopyrite), or copper and iron sulphides (bornite) are Sulphosalts. Sulphosalts are generally tender and fragile.

They account for 15-20% of the minerals. The most representative minerals are: Acanthite, Alabandite, Bornite, Bournonite, Carrollite, Chalcopyrite, Cinabre, Cubanite, Dyscrasite, Galène, Këstérite, Marcasite, Pyrite, Réalgar, Sphalérite, Stibine, et Tétraédrite.

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